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NY Bone and Joint Specialists is a multi-specialty Orthopedic Practice providing high-quality care to our patients. Get the latest updates from our blog here!

An Ergonomic Workstation

So, you have a desk job. You work in front of a computer 40-50 hours each week. You are constantly under stress, with deadlines to meet. You don't have time to exercise. You recently gained a few pounds. And, at the end of each working day, you have neck and back pain and stiffness. Sound familiar? Here are a few tips that can make your life more pain free. 

Let's assess your work station. A proper ergonomic work station would alleviate many of your symptoms.

You should have an adjustable chair with a back support.

Remember 90/90/90:

  • Knees bent 90°, with feet flat on the ground.
  • Hips 90° relative to the spine.
  • Shoulders fully relaxed.
  • Elbows bent about 90°,  forearm rests optional.

The computer screen needs to be directly in front of you, with your eyes level with the top 1/3 of the screen. Maintain proper head and neck posture, with your chin tucked. The mouse pad should be close to the keyboard If you are also on the phone, use a headset. Many large companies have resources that can help you set up such a work station.

Every 20-30 minutes, stand up and walk around, and stretch your arms.

It’s always important to stretch for a few minutes each day. Someone in a sedentary job needs to stretch hamstrings, hip muscles, and upper back muscles routinely. Try to incorporate an aerobic exercise routine 3 times a week for 30 minutes at a time.

All the above modifications will help with job satisfaction, and overall health.

- Michael Y. Mizhiritsky, MD

NY Bone and Joint Specialists is a top rated, private Orthopedic and Sports Medicine practice in New York City. The Orthopedic Surgery, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and Pain Management specialists routinely perform surgical and non-surgical treatments for professional athletes from across the United States and various other countries. Leon E. Popovitz, MD, and Michael Y. Mizhiritsky, MD, along with their team of best-in-class orthopedic physicians, are known for their exemplary orthopedic surgical skill and best-rated physical medicine and rehabilitation program. With this, along with their top in-office physical therapy and long-term sports rehabilitation processes, NY Bone and Joint Specialists work toward better overall quality of life for each and every patient. 

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