We dedicate our lives to changing the lives of our patients.

About New York Bone & Joint Specialists

You will receive care from an expert that is specialized to treat your particular bone and joint condition.

New York Bone & Joint Specialists is the premier orthopedic surgery center in New York City. It is a community of healing, led by a diverse group of doctors all practicing at the top of their fields. Each doctor, provider and therapist at NYBJS is distinctly trained to provide specialized treatment of bone and joint conditions. 

From their NYC offices in the Upper East Side and Midtown West neighborhoods of Manhattan patients can find elite and attentive treatment in Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine, and Rehabilitation.

The team at New York Bone & Joint Specialists is focused on a singular goal: to change the lives of their patients. That means dedicating their exemplary talent and compassion to every one of their patients through each step of the medical process, from initial consultation and treatment to recovery and rehabilitation. To that end, they specialize in a wide array of approaches, from the most conservative treatment, such as physical therapy, to the most complex orthopedic surgeries.

With a team of experienced and dedicated professionals at the helm, New York Bone & Joint Specialists is proud to be New York’s leading authority on the treatment of the shoulder, knee, hip, back, neck, ankle and foot.

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