Biking Injuries: Hip Bursitis

Cyclists often irritate the tissues connected to the hip and low back due to the extremely repetitive nature of pealing in a bent over position. Hip bursitis is especially common when bikers increase the length or intensity of their rides suddenly. those new to cycling very often feel pain at the side of their hip from greater trochanter hip bursitis as well.

The greater trochanter is a protrusion of the femur bone on the outside of the thigh. A bursa lies between the bone and the skin, a fluid filled, slippery sac that allows the bone, and the tissues attached to it, to glide smoothly beneath the skin. Greater trochanteric bursitis occurs when friction causes the bursa to inflame when we move our thighs repetitively as when biking. When the bursa cannot properly cushion the trochanteric bone, it will cause further irritation when moving between the skin.



If you feel pain in your hip for more than a day, see a hip orthopedic specialist like Dr. Rupesh Tarwala. He can recommend a specialized physical therapy program to help you quickly heal from hip bursitis and get back to biking, pain-free.

A physical therapist can manually stretch your hip to alleviate pain from greater trochanter bursitis. This will reduce pressure on inflammed bursae and allow them to heal. Flexibility is key to relieving inflammation and managing pain in the area.

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