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Back Injury - guy bent holding back

Do I Need to See a Doctor for Back Pain?

We’ve all had back pain at one point or another and it’s more likely than not that your back pain keeps coming back. Oftentimes, patients see back pain as something that’s a natural result of sitting at work or being active and don’t receive treatment.

Unfortunately, without treatment back pain can become constant and be debilitating later on in life. The good news is, physical therapy is not only the…


Common Ski Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Along with ski season comes an influx of patients at NY Bone and Joint who have injured themselves on the slopes. Skiing injuries are common, but avoidable. It’s important to take lessons even if this isn’t your first time on skis because falling properly is the key to preventing very serious injury.

Skiers will commonly complain of knee pain and ACL and MCL tears are perhaps the most common skiing injuries….


Should You Use Cold or Heat Therapy?

After a joint or muscle injury, it is common to treat inflammation, swelling, and pain with cold and/or heat therapy. When is it right to use cold therapy vs. heat therapy? Can you use both on the same injury?
Cold or ice therapy
Ice or a cold compress is recommended for severe muscle spasms, bruising, and swelling associated with acute sprains/strains and orthopedic rehabilitation. It causes constriction of blood vessels,…

weight lifters shoulder

Is Weight Lifting Damaging Your Shoulder?

Lifting weights or weight training is one of the most common reasons for shoulder pain. The unique thing about this is that, typically, the pain is later after the injury or it is gradual and pain builds with time.

LABRAL Tears or SLAP Tears- Are very common among those that lift weights in the gym or at home. The pain from the actual tear


Runners and Low Back Pain

New York City Marathon is approaching this weekend. Many runners have been training and preparing for months.

As they increase the running distance, they may be at higher incidence of developing low back pain. 

Running is an activity that involves repetitive stress and impact. Stress on all weight bearing joints as well as the back is increased with longer distances.

The most common spine injuries are sprains and strains,muscle spasms, and…


How to Treat Pain from Biking

As New Yorkers, chances are you can bike just about everywhere – even to work. Biking is such a fun way to stay in shape, do something active with friends, and take in the fall scenery. While cycling is a great way for those with joint pain to workout, novices and expert cyclists alike commonly start to feel aches and pains, especially in the back and hip. Here’s why and…

A female road runner runs down a road at dusk at Independence Pass.

Proactively Promoting Bone Health

Many times, we only think about our bone and joint health when we are dealing with pain or discomfort. Making proactive choices to benefit bone and joint health is a good practice for maintaining long-term health and preventing some of the aches and pains that may crop up otherwise.

One of the best things to do to promote long-term bone and joint health is to be


Your Purse Can Be Causing More Damage Than You Think

Neck and back pain are by far the most common orthopedic conditions. And probably the most common way women strain their necks and pull their backs is by carrying a purse. On top of this stress to your body, having a purse weigh on your shoulder every day is a sure way to damage the joint.

Our shoulder joints are very mobile only because the ball of our upper arm bone…


Young People Get Neck Pain Too

As we get older, we will develop wear and tear, degeneration, or osteoarthritis in many areas, including the spine. This may cause stiffness and pain. However, there are many sources and structures that can cause pain way before arthritis is seen.

Neck pain in young, healthy adults is a very common symptom. If you fall asleep on a couch, use multiple pillows, or you are a

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