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5 Causes of Hip Pain In Women

Hip pain is common in women of all ages, and can be present any of a large variety of reasons. Here, we’ve listed five of the most common conditions that result in hip pain for women. Women’s bone and joint health can be a unique specialty, so at NYBJ we have doctors and staff highly experienced treating women’s hip pain and other bone issues.


Arthritis is


Ways To Stay Active In The Winter

The winter months can really have an effect on overall health. It’s not as easy to get excited and motivated about wellness when it is cold, dark or dreary outside. Holidays, and holiday foods, also can contribute to motivation and activity.

Here we’ve compiled a list of some tips and advice on how to maintain a higher level of activity during the winter months.

Take the stairs.

Whether you live or work in…


Your Purse Can Be Causing More Damage Than You Think

Neck and back pain are by far the most common orthopedic conditions. And probably the most common way women strain their necks and pull their backs is by carrying a purse. On top of this stress to your body, having a purse weigh on your shoulder every day is a sure way to damage the joint.

Our shoulder joints are very mobile only because the ball of our upper arm bone…

yoga pelvic

Yoga For Pelvic Pain

Chronic pain, especially pelvic pain that continuously flares up, is usually a result of your body overcompensating for your pain. The pelvic floor muscles will tense in order to guard what they think is an injured area. This will put pressure on nerves in the area and cause stiffness, resulting in pain.

Yoga is a great tool for reaching pelvic floor muscles and allowing them to relax. There are…

Spine Condition

When To Visit A Physiatrist

History of the Specialty

The field of Physiatry, also known as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) has evolved over the decades.

Two World Wars played an integral part in the birth of the specialty. During World War I, Physical modalities were used by physicians of physical therapy and strangely, radiology to help injured soldiers. At the onset of WW2, focus was broadened to include rehabilitation and

PRP Blog Post NY Bone and Joint

The TRUTH about PRP Injections

There has been rapidly growing interest in PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections. In particular, more and more patients are interested in these novel injections for alternative, non-surgical treatment of their osteoarthritis. After all, there are so many claims from so many different health care providers about PRP. What can a patient believe? What patients can truly benefit? This review of the most relevant, true data and evidence

Sports therapy in NYC

Health Considerations Female Runners

Issues Unique to Female Runners
The female runner has unique risks with respect to repetitive stress, acute injuries and performance. The risks and types of injuries change as women age. Healthcare professionals must consider the anatomic, bio-mechanical, and hormonal factors that are unique to women when caring for the injured female runner.
Running Through the Life Span
The Adolescent Runner
As a female runner ages,…

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