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Chinese surgeons view Leon E. Popovitz, MD surgery - blog post

Chinese Surgeons’ Visit to NY Bone & Joint A Success

During the second week of October, NY Bone and Joint Specialists received a visit from a Chinese delegation of surgeons to observe and discuss arthroscopic surgery and joint replacement surgery procedures. The surgeons came from Yongzhou Hospital, in China. Impressed by their visit, the surgeons expressed in a follow up message to that practice that they considered NY Bone and Joint Specialist doctors “role models in humanity and professionalism in orthopedics.” The delegation observed Orthopedic Surgeon Leon E. Popovitz, MD as he performed arthroscopic knee surgery & arthroscopic shoulder surgery. They also took part in a presentation and discussion led by Orthopedic Surgeon Rupesh Tarwala, MD, on the topics of robotic computer technology and hip joint replacement surgery.

Leon E. Popovitz, MD was honored and pleased to share his and his group’s knowledge with the delegation of Chinese orthopedic surgeons. Their goal was to expand the scope of knowledge in orthopedic surgery, arthroscopic surgery and total joint replacement. Leon E. Popovitz, MD, said “I look forward to traveling to China in the near future, with the operating team, to expand on the education.” He will provide workshops for surgeons and treat patients in need of complicated treatment that is not yet available in their country.

According to all accounts, the visit of the Chinese orthopedic surgeons was considered a great success.

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