Molly Huddle’s Debut Marathon in NYC

The NYC Marathon is around the corner and you’ll be seeing plenty of awesome competitors for this monumental race. You may recognize Molly Huddle from this summer’s Rio Olympics.

Huddle is a record setting American distance runner and she is excited to hit the pavement of NYC this weekend. Setting the American record for an all-women’s half marathon with 1:07:41 and the 10,000 m run at the Olympics with 30:13:17, has made her arguably the best distance runner in years. While Huddle has a knack for breaking time records, she says that she enjoys racing against others most. She runs her best races when under the pressure of healthy competition.

Many runners think that the most challenging part about the NYC marathon is its unforgiving hilly, pot holed track. The intense terrain makes it almost impossible to predict just how quickly even the pros can make it to the finish line.  Having raced shorter distances on NYC roads, Huddle should be able to handle the 42.195 km stretch. Experts are eagerly awaiting her debut marathon performance, estimating a time somewhere between 2:22 and 2:26. The fastest American woman’s debut marathon time was 2:25:53. Huddle could quite possibly break another American distance record at this elite race.

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