QB Deshaun Watson Suffers ACL Tear: What Does It Mean?

Texans quarterback and rookie legend, Deshaun Watson, suffered a crushing injury during practice that has cut short one of the most memorable NFL career starts fans and players have ever seen.

Watson underwent an MRI to determine the extent of injury to his right knee. Orthopedists ruled out surgery for his torn right ACL, but did estimate at least 8-9 months of rehabilitation, meaning we won’t see our favorite rookie back on the field until next season.
While many athletes opt for surgery to correct an ACL tear, Watson is a young player who may be able to recover with conservative methods, just as he did when he tore his left ACL as a college freshman. This probably means that the MRI revealed a partial tear rather than an entire rupture, during which the ACL completely detaches from the bone.
Watson will be undergoing intense sports rehabilitation that will require him to stretch and strengthen every day. Strengthening here is key. It will improve blood flow to the knee joint helping the damaged tissues heal. Strengthening the muscles surrounding the knee joint will also be imperative for stabilizing the joint and supporting it during exercise as well as preventing the knee from becoming a weak spot when Watson does start playing football again.
Recovery will be a long journey with some setbacks and pain. But by sticking to a physical therapy routine and following the advice of his sports medicine experts, Watson can return to the game as the same star performer that he has proved himself to be this season.

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