Soccer Injuries: Shinbone Fractures

Sudden impacts, especially a kick to the shin with cleats that we often see in soccer, can cause tibia fractures. A shinbone fracture is a serious injury that can cause pain not only in the leg but in the knee and ankle as well.

You may have a shinbone fracture if you experience any of these symptoms after impact:

  • Difficulty walking
  • Knee, shin, and ankle deformities or swelling
  • Acute pain

Most fractures will require crutches and rest for at least 8 weeks, as a fracture in the tibia will need at least 6 months to heal. In the meantime, you will need medical advice from a comprehensive team of orthopedic specialists. An experienced orthopedist, like Dr. Leon E. Popovitz and his team of surgeons, will use imaging tests to diagnose damage you may have suffered at the knee and ankle. After this assessment, you can begin physical therapy to regain range of motion and restrengthen these joints. this must be done carefully as your tibia heals.

After this, sports rehabilitation is usually a good idea to retrain your afflicted leg. You may overcompensate while trying to walk with your healing tibia and need to realign your hips and treat radiating pain from the ankle to knee, to hips and lower back. restrengthening is also an important part of performing your best after a sports injury such as severe as a shinbone fracture.


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