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hip labral tear recover

Can I Recover from a Hip Labral Tear Without Surgery?

Suffering from pain or weakness in your hip? Fortunately, most hip labral tears can be effectively treated without surgery.

How To Treat Biking Pains

How To Treat Biking Pains

As New Yorkers, chances are you can bike just about everywhere, even to work. Biking is such a fun way to stay in shape, do something active with friends, and take in the fall scenery. While cycling is a great way for those with joint pain to workout, novices and expert cyclists alike commonly start […]

Hip Impingement Exercise

Hip Impingement Exercises (and Exercises to Avoid!)

At New York Bone and Joint, we strongly encourage our patients to consider non-surgical treatment for their bone and joint conditions whenever possible. While many orthopedic injuries can be surgically repaired, we’ve consistently found that if it’s possible, non-invasive treatment greatly reduces the risk of complications while promoting quicker recovery, resulting in better long-term outcomes. […]

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