Our back doctors understand that your spinal health effects your daily life, and are dedicated toimproving your overall well-being by caring for your back pain. NY Bone and Joint Specialist doctors approach your spine care bydiscussing all the ways in which you can maintain and prevent back pain and injury. Your back doctor will explain all methods of treatment, ranging from conservative to surgical, based on what is best for your body.

Our back houses the majority of our spine, the central hub for all body functions. The upper, middle, and lower back consist of 17 vertebrae, cushioning discs, nerve roots, as well as muscles and ligaments that are responsible for supporting and moving theentirebody. Nerves run through the narrow spinal canal, sending signals for a variety of bodily activity, like the movement of limbs, hormone release, and pain. One of the most complex areas of the body, the back is highly susceptible to a number of ailments, with over 90% of adults experiencing pain of some type in this area, in their lives. Back doctors at New York Bone and Joint Specialists are experienced in helping patients improve their lives through rehabilitation and long-term healing of back pain.


Our back doctors are highly knowledgeable in all musculoskeletal and neural ailments of the spine. They can make the most professional recommendations to help you maintain posture, rehabilitate pain and soreness, and help you prevent injury from everyday strains and stress to your back. Our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation back specialists are highly experienced in treating a widevariety of back-related pain. Your doctor will be dedicated to guiding you through treatments that will reduce back pain in the long term and return you to your best potential lifestyle.


The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation doctorsat New York Bone and Joint Specialists are highly skilled in treating a number of back conditions, including:


Our doctors and therapists use effective and innovative ways to diagnose and treat back pain as each individual patient may need. Treatment options range from conservative to interventional, including:

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