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Arthroscopic Bankart Repair & Stabilization



Leon E. Popovitz, MD, a top-rated orthopedic surgeon has had the highest success in shoulder arthroscopic procedures, including the Bankart Repair and Stabilization.

Anatomic repair of the shoulder with increased stabilization is an effective means of treating shoulder instability and dislocation. All of our locations in NYC-Upper East Side or NYC-Midtown West, or our New Jersey offices in Hoboken or Englewood are prepared to help you.

Our facilities contain state-of-the-art technology and physicians who practice cutting-edge medicine. This approach, along with our best-in-class orthopedic staff, leads to one of a kind care for you and your family.

If you’ve suffered a shoulder dislocation or have shoulder instability then that is an important reason to see Leon E. Popovitz, MD, a best-rated orthopedic surgeon in NYC & NJ, and co-founder and chief orthopedic surgeon at New York Bone and Joint Specialists.


The shoulder joint is a characteristic ball and socket joint, which allows for the highest degree of mobility. When you have this much motion, it is important that it is controlled with restraint. Some of the main stabilizing forces in the shoulder joint are the labrum (type of cartilage) and ligaments.

Often in sports injuries or various episodes of trauma, the shoulder may dislocate (come out of the socket completely) or subluxate (slip partially out of the socket). These injuries may cause tears in the labrum and/or ligaments. This tear is called a Bankart lesion. Arthroscopic Bankart Repair is a minimally-invasive procedure used to stabilize the shoulder and stop the instability.


The Bankart procedure is a technique for repairing the portion of the labrum and ligaments that are crucial to the stability of the joint. Patients with recurrent shoulder dislocation and Bankart tears may need direct tightening and reattachment of the labrum through the use of specialized sutures.

The Bankart procedure provides restoration to the anatomy of the shoulder joint and recreates stability. Performing this arthroscopically allows for a minimally-invasive technique with no open incisions.

A shoulder dislocation or tear in the shoulder can cause a patient anxiety about the possibility of shoulder arthroscopic surgery. However, top-rated orthopedic surgeon Leon E. Popovitz, MD, has the best results in treating shoulder tears and dislocations. Moreover, he treats all of his patients with compassion and kindness. This is why Leon E. Popovitz, MD is sought out from all over the world.
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