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BabyFit NYC Exercise Program

Developed for pregnant and post-partum women by Dr. Allyson A. Shrikhande.

What Is This Program?

BabyFit NYC is a physical therapy program we’ve developed that is a medically supervised, individually tailored exercise program for pregnant and post-partum women. Recent research has shown the positive effects exercise has on both the mother and her baby. Women who exercise regularly during pregnancy can improve their child’s memory, cognition and cardiovascular health.

This program is designed to promote cardiovascular fitness, and improve core strength and flexibility during pregnancy. The program also encompasses prenatal yoga stretches and breathing techniques. To ensure the safety of the mother, vital signs are monitored throughout each session.

How are we different from other Exercise classes for Pregnant Women?

  • Initial Medical Evaluation by our Women’s Health Physician assessing absolute and relative contraindications and individualizing each patient’s medical needs.
  • Vital Signs are monitored during each session to insure safety and health of mother and baby.
  • Our program is designed for BOTH PRE- and POST-partum fitness optimization.
  • One-on-one attention from a medical professional trained in working with pregnant women; not a CLASS.
  • Individually tailored to each person’s level of fitness and personal GOALS.
  • Combination of Prenatal Yoga, Pilates, and a Bar Class all in one hour.

Five Goals of BabyFit NYC:

  • Promote the Brain Development and Cardiovascular Fitness of the Baby with 15 minutes of medically monitored Cardiovascular Exercise integrated into the one hour program.
  • Prepare muscles of Pelvic Floor for birth.
  • Prevention of Back Pain in Pregnancy.
  • Relaxation and Breathing Techniques to minimize stress and stop the release of stress hormones into the bloodstream.
  • Post-partum: return core strength and aerobic fitness level to patient’s baseline and beyond.


Please contact us to sign up for the BabyFit NYC program at our Midtown office:

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