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Neuritis & Neuromas


Neuritis and neuromas are conditions where nerves are inflamed and cause pain, discomfort, loss of feeling and numbness. Neuritis and neuromas can occur anywhere along the nervous system. In the foot, neuritis most commonly occurs as heel neuritis, digital neuritis, or deep neuritis.



You may feel sharp pains or a burning sensation in the affected area of the foot. Numbness or a loss of feeling and even use of the foot may occur in more severe cases. It may painful or difficult to walk.



A main cause of neuritis and neuromas is a build up of unnecessary and excess acid in the bloodstream, known as acidosis. Work or stress can also lead to, catalyze, or exacerbate neuritis. An injury to the foot may lead to neuritis, as can a variety of diseases such as tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, and tetanus.



Medications for pain can help alleviate the discomfort of the condition, but are not a long-term solution. A change in diet, sometimes drastic, can help reduce the acidosis that causes neuritis. Physical therapy can help regain a proper gait and strength that may be lost due to atrophy, especially if the patient has not been walking much or at all. In some cases, surgical nerve decompression may be beneficial.

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