What is shoulder arthroscopy?

Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure designed to treat a variety of musculoskeletal injuries. It usually entails two or three small pinhole incisions into the skin surrounding a joint. The surgeon will then insert a camera into one of these incisions to view the joint while operating through the other opening. Because arthroscopy requires much smaller incisions than a full open surgery, patients recover much more quickly and are at a lower risk of complications.

Conditions We Treat with Shoulder Arthroscopy

With decades of experience performing athroscopic surgery, our specialists at New York Bone and Joint provide expert treatment for most conditions affecting the soft tissues in the shoulder. Some of the injuries we treat include rotator cuff tears, shoulder labral tears, shoulder impingment, biceps tendonitis, AC joint arthritis, dislocated shoulders, and frozen shoulders.

Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery

Shoulder arthroscopy surgery is most often performed through two or three small pinhole incisions into the shoulder. After making these incisions, your surgeon will insert a narrow telescope into one of these openings to view the joint while using small instruments to operate on the injured joint or tendon through the other incision. While the actual repair will differ depending on the patient's condition, all shoulder arthroscopic procedures rely on these minimally invasive techniques.

Shoulder Arthroscopy Recovery

At New York Bone and Joint, our specialists provide all of our patients with close attention throughout recovery. Shortly after surgery, you'll use a sling to rest your arm and will be prescribed any needed pain medication or anti-inflammatories. You can remove your bandages within two days, and you can likely resume most daily activities within a week or two. We'll then instruct one of our physical therapists to work with you on a specific rehabilitation plan that allows you to regain full strength and restore a complete range of motion to your treated shoulder.


As a minimally invasive procedure, shoulder arthroscopy is designed to shorten recovery timelines and minimize the risk of complications. Most patients can remove their bandages within two days, resume most basic day-to-day activities within a week, and, in some cases, expect a complete recovery in as little as six weeks. Some pateints who have undergone reconstructions may require several months before fully recovering, but the road is far easier than it is for patients who've undergone a full open operation.


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