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Timur Lokshin, LMT, LAc.

Medical Massage Therapy

Timur Lokshin LMT, LAc., is a graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM).  At PCOM, Timur completed the Orthopedic Sports Medicine Program and earned his masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  After recognizing his deep passion for classical acupuncture while studying the art of TCM, he became a licensed acupuncturist.

Timur has spent numerous hours interning for world-renowned physicians practicing classical acupuncture in both New York City and California.Timur first discovered his passion for natural healing and medical massage therapy while training as a kung-fu student.  His initial interest focused on the use of essential oils and liniments for healing.  In treating his fellow martial artists, he quickly learned he wanted to expand his scope of treatment.  Timur eagerly became a BaiSI (disciple) and earned a Masters Reiki certification; the ancient method of spiritual healing by fostering the flow of one’s “Qi” (energy that fuels our body and mind).  As a BaiSI, Timur focused on muscular ailments and Qi Gung (standing and moving meditation).

Throughout the years, Timur also studied cranio-sacral therapy (a gentle approach to the fluid system of the body and the tissue). During his studies at the Upledger Institute, he was asked to work as an assistant teacher in seminars where he gained an infinite amount of knowledge from some the industry’s most talented practitioners.Timur believes that through the implementation of holistic and therapeutic remedies, he can heal his patients in both body and mind.

With the ultimate goal of educating his patients in to how to live a healthier lifestyle, he provides his patients with a highly in-depth and customized program that ultimately teaches them how to become in-tune with themselves and their bodies.

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