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Leon E. Popovitz, MD

Top-Rated Orthopedic Surgeon

Specializing in Arthroscopic Surgery of the Shoulder & Knee.

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Putting patients first has always been our motto. As a result, we’ve received many great reviews across the internet. We’ve included a small sampling of them below, along with the website or source where it was listed.

The Whole experience was great

Posted by Jack S. on January 30, 2017

I went to Dr. Mizhiritsky for the first time this week and I have to say I was quite impressed with the level of care. Having so many residual injuries from my sports-playing days, I've visited many sports medicine and rehabilitation doctors in NYC. None of the experiences I have had even came close to my experience at New York Bone and Joint. The whole experience was great great - from the time I made the appointment, to when I was greeted very nicely in the office by the front desk, to when the Dr. and his PA Chris actually saw me. I only found out about Dr. Mizhiritsky because I had very successful physical therapy at their affiliated PT facility, All Sports PT. I had seen his name in the office and now I'm really glad that I did. Everyone made me feel right at home and I can't recommend these guys enough!!! =)

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